Fri 16 Dec 2022

What Happens at a Cabaret?

If we know anything about humankind, it’s this: we have an intrinsic need to be entertained. From amphitheatre plays in 6th century B.C, to Shakespeare’s Globe theatre opening in 1599, to sold-out shows in today’s modern Broadway scene – theatre has been around almost as long as we have. And who could discuss theatre without mentioning one of its oldest and most important art forms? Cabaret – of course.

“What is a cabaret?” you ask? A translation of “nightclub” cabaret is a theatrical form of entertainment that typically features a mix of music, song, dance and drama. The first recorded cabaret took place in late 1880’s France. Since that fateful night, cabaret has remained a cornerstone in popular entertainment. And there’s a cabaret out there for every mood. Or occasion. Or feeling. Fancy a laugh? Or a good cry? How about a singlong to your favourite tunes? Or a naughty, saucy take on one of the world’s best movies? What we’re trying to say is that there’s many reasons you’d attend a cabaret. And many occasions that warrant going to one. Whether for a date, a loved one’s birthday, an impromptu night out or those infamous hen and stag do’s (to name a few), there’s plenty of reasons why you’d want to attend a cabaret. Then again – do we even need a reason to watch a cabaret?

But we know what you’re thinking. Why do we know so much about cabarets? Because we’re Proud Group: the UK’s leading light for bespoke cabaret experiences. For almost 2 decades Proud has taken the country’s nightlife scene by storm. With mesmerising performances, scrumptious food, and delicious drinks set to a sumptuous backdrop, Proud is widely known as one of the leaders for decadent, different and daring nights out in the UK. With venues in Embankment, East London and Brighton, it’s safe to say Proud knows a thing or two about what makes a fantastic cabaret. That’s why we’re here to educate you on what a cabaret is, and why you need to book one immediately.


First things first – what does a cabaret involve? If a musical and a concert had a love child, it’d birth a cabaret. Like we mentioned before, a traditional cabaret is a musical mix of singing and dancing. But we’re here to make a song and dance about why cabaret is more than **just** song and dance. Especially the cabarets we throw down at Proud. We take the best bits from the different activities the nightlife scene has to offer and fuse them together to create a sensory feast. What do we mean? Have you been torn between going to dinner or watching a movie? How about being stuck between a karaoke eve versus a night of dancing in a buzzing club? Cabarets mix these pastimes to create one glorious evening so you won’t have to miss out on anything. Goodbye FOMO!

A truly immersive experience, cabarets cater for everything you’d need on a night out. Gorgeous food. Dangerously delicious drinks. Unique entertrainment. Banterous conversation. Head-bobbing music. Dancing and almost always some outrageous comedy. Can you think of anywhere else where you can get all this in its highest quality? Neither can we. In its true shape-shifting style, cabarets can morph into almost anything you like. Fancy a night of celebrating Indian culture? Or an evening jam-packed with your favourite 80’s tracks? From hosting themed nights featuring cuisine from all round the world, to banter-filled drag brunches, to putting a fresh spin on a cinematic classic, cabarets ascend the realm of **just** song and dance.


If you’ve been paying attention, you’d know by now that a cabaret can look like almost anything. You could have a cabaret themed entirely around your favourite film, for example. If this is what you’re looking for, we’ve got just the ticket. And it just so happens that we are hosting a cabaret that fits this exact bill. Proud Group is bringing the silver screen to our fantastic Embankment venue with our West Side Cabaret Story, the brand-new show that is setting London’s West End on fire. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’d know that West Side Story is the 1961 musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s seminal play, Romeo & Juliet. But what if we told you that Proud has reimagined West Side Story in a way that goes beyond your wildest dreams?



“How?” you ask. With acrobats, aerialists, and fire-breathers – that’s how. Who knew you could be on the edge of your seat watching fire theatrics as Tony croons to “I Met A Girl Named Maria”? Or have your pick of bottomless drinks whilst gazing at acrobats glide around all at once? Or dance around with the Sharks and the Jets with a bellyful of gourmet food? You can’t really – unless you go to Proud Embankment. I know, I know. How can you get tickets for this other-wordly show that reimagines West Side Story in a way not done before? It’s easy. Check out Proud’s Box Office on our website and see for yourself. Here you can plan your night from start to finish. Select your seats, choose your meal and drinks package and then sit back and start to get excited for the show. The only drawback? Tickets sell quicker than you can say cabaret, so you better get on it.


But like we mentioned, a cabaret takes many forms. How about a night showcasing the best burlesques acts the world has to offer? Proud has you covered with our new Badly Behaved Burlesque show at Proud City. Just like it says on the tin, Badly Behaved Burlesque combines the world’s leading burlesque artists to create risque performances involving dripping hot wax play, fire theatrics and of course – bodacious burlesque. Clearly worlds apart from our West Side Cabaret Story, Proud encapsulates what it means to deliver a deliciously different and unforgettable cabaret for every Tom, Dick and Harry.

As you know, we’ve covered a few important things. One: what a cabaret is. Two: what a cabaret involves and why you should consider attending one (although you don’t always need a reason). And three: who does cabaret best. So if you’re talking premier cabaret experiences, you’d be silly if Proud wasn’t the first name out your mouth. In short, Proud does cabaret like no one else and we’ve got a show to suit everybody. But we hear you. You want to see it for yourself. Fortunately for you, it’s very easy to cop some tickets. Just head to our website and follow this link to check out our “What’s On” page so you can pick the cabaret show that fits perfectly with you. We’ve also written another handy blogif you want some variety.

You know what they say, life is a cabaret. And no one does cabaret like Proud. So what are you waiting for? Happy cabaret-ing folks!

Ali Woods presents Cabaret All-Stars at Proud Cabaret London

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