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Fire, Fetish, and Fantasy: Unveiling the Depths of Desire at Kabaret Exposé in Proud City

London After Dark: A World of Hidden Desires

London’s nightlife boasts a kaleidoscope of experiences, but none quite as captivating and daring as Kabaret Exposé at Proud City. Here, the velvet ropes part to reveal a world cloaked in intrigue, where inhibitions melt away, replaced by an intoxicating blend of fire performances, boundary-pushing fetish displays, and electrifying cabaret.

Unleash Your Inner Hedonist: Submission or Domination?

The word “mistress” takes on a whole new meaning as you descend into this realm. Safe words are a forgotten notion in this provocative playground, where the boundaries of sensuality are pushed and explored with a thrilling abandon.  Will you surrender to the seductive whispers of our house mistress, allowing yourself to be swept away on a tide of tantalizing pleasure? Or will you dominate the night, taking control and reveling in the power dynamic? The choice, darling, is entirely yours.

A Feast for the Senses: Dazzling Performances and Decadent Delights

Prepare to be enthralled by a cavalcade of performers who move with a captivating grace, their every step designed to set your pulse racing. Cascading silks and feathers shimmer under the spotlight, as bodies twist and contort in a mesmerizing display of artistic prowess. Let the flames of desire ignite as you witness daring fire displays, the heat mirroring the passion that simmers beneath the surface. Kabaret Exposé is a celebration of the forbidden, a chance to delve into your darkest desires and emerge exhilarated.

Beyond the Burlesque: Artistic Merit and Enduring Allure

A review from West End Best Friend called the show a “diverting evening of entertainment,” praising its edgy twist on classic burlesque. While some might find the shock factor alluring, at Kabaret Exposé, it’s the calibre of the performances that truly steals the show. Here, art, sensuality, and a touch of the forbidden intertwine to create an unforgettable experience.  Seasoned performers with undeniable talent take center stage, captivating the audience with their artistry and leaving a lasting impression.

Indulge in a delectable feast before the show that tantalizes your taste buds as much as the show teases your senses. Sip on intoxicating libations from an extensive drinks menu, further igniting your inner fire and fueling a night of uninhibited pleasure. Proud City is renowned for its high-end dining and entertainment experience, and Kabaret Exposé is no exception.

A Journey into the Forbidden: Where Fantasy Becomes Reality

Below the city’s surface, a hidden world throbs with the rhythm of Kabaret Exposé. Here, fantasy becomes reality, and the only rule is to surrender to your desires. Whether you choose submission or dominance, the night promises an unforgettable exploration of your deepest cravings.  Exotic shows unfold on stage, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy, leaving you breathless and yearning for more.

Embrace the Unknown: Dare to Enter a World of Unforgettable Experiences

Are you ready to shed your inhibitions and delve into a world where passion reigns supreme? Then step into the alluring embrace of Kabaret Exposé at Proud City. Enter if you dare.  Book your tickets now and prepare to be exposed to a night that will leave you forever changed.


Proud City

Enter the Enchantment: What to Expect at Proud Cabaret City’s Exclusive Secret Burlesque Society

Hush hush! Fancy yourself someone who can keep a delicious secret?

Deep in the heart of London, a hidden door leads to a world of captivating mystery: Proud Cabaret City’s Secret Burlesque Society. This exclusive cabaret experience promises an evening unlike any other, a thrilling descent into opulence, decadence, and pure enchantment.

Be warned, though!  Within these glittering walls, whispers turn into shared secrets, and discretion is paramount.  To gain access to this clandestine society, you’ll need to prove your dedication.  A signed contract of confidentiality acts as your golden ticket, ensuring the captivating mystique of the Society remains exclusively with its privileged members.

The Initiation Awaits

Your journey into this sensual world begins with a playful – yet essential – lesson.  Master the rhythmic kicks and high-energy moves of the Can Can, a dance that embodies the very essence of the Secret Burlesque Society.  Only those who can truly Can Can will be granted access to the society’s inner sanctum, a space where the magic truly unfolds.

Prepare to be Mesmerized

Get ready for a dazzling spectacle that will leave you wide-eyed and breathless. Fire breathers will take the stage with daring feats, their flames illuminating the room with an otherworldly glow.  Then, prepare to be captivated by the sensual elegance of our burlesque starlets.  Their performances blur the lines between fantasy and reality, a mesmerizing display of grace and allure.

A Night Beyond Compare

But the wonders don’t stop there!  Witness the synchronized tap routines of androgynous tap twins, their movements as flawless as their outfits are dazzling.  Glamour showgirls will bedazzle you with feathers, sequins, and a timeless charisma.  And to add a touch of the extraordinary, Masters of Magic will take you on a mystical journey, weaving illusions that will have you questioning everything you think you know.

Indulge All Your Senses

As Fizzbox puts it, Proud Cabaret City is ready to welcome you to a night filled with “glamour and allure.”  Nestled in the heart of vibrant London, this gorgeous venue sets the tone for an unforgettable experience.  Imagine timeless Art Deco elegance, plush seating, dimmed lighting, and a truly electric atmosphere. You’ll feel transported back to a fabulous bygone era.

The Show-Stopping Spectacle Begins

As the curtains rise, you’ll be treated to a dazzling cast of performers, ready to deliver a spellbinding soiree, just like Fizzbox describes.  This isn’t just burlesque; it’s a show-stopping spectacular featuring everything from jaw-dropping fire acts to mesmerizing burlesque stars, breathtaking acrobats, and enthralling circus acts.  Prepare to be on the edge of your seat, wanting more!

Throughout the evening, you and your group can indulge in a mouth-watering two-course meal, designed to “ignite the senses and delight with every bite,” as Fizzbox mentions.  Expect a fantastic array of choices, catering to vegetarians, vegans, and those with gluten-free requirements.  The venue’s bar offers everything from wine and beer to expertly crafted cocktails and soft drinks, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

More Than Just a Performance

The Secret Burlesque Society is more than just a performance; it’s an invitation to experience the magic of burlesque firsthand. Each act tells a captivating story of sensuality and empowerment, leaving a lasting impression.  Whether you’re celebrating a London hen party, or birthday, or simply looking for a special night out, look no further than Proud Cabaret City.  This stunning show awaits, promising an unforgettable evening of mystery, glamour, and revelry.

But remember, once you enter, the secrets are yours to keep. Can you resist sharing the magic you’ll witness within the confines of this clandestine society? 


Proud City

2024’s Best Live Entertainment Venues in London: Where to Let Your Hair Down!

London, the vibrant heart of the UK, pulsates with life and offers a dazzling array of live entertainment for every taste. From electrifying concerts to side-splitting comedy, and captivating theatre to dazzling cabaret, finding the perfect venue can be overwhelming.

But fear not, fellow thrill-seeker! This guide unveils some of the hottest spots to catch unforgettable live action in 2024, ensuring you create memories that will last a lifetime. So, put on your dancing shoes, grab your sense of adventure, and prepare to be entertained!

For the Music Lovers:

  • The Royal Albert Hall: This iconic venue, steeped in history and renowned acoustics, hosts an extraordinary range of artists, from classical legends to contemporary music giants. Witness orchestral brilliance one evening and head-bang to rock royalty the next – all under the majestic Victorian dome.
  • Alexandra Palace: Nicknamed “Ally Pally”, this sprawling north London landmark offers not just concerts but immersive experiences. Catch rising stars or established headliners, enjoy open-air festivals in the summer, or explore exhibitions and historical displays.
  • The Jazz Café: A legend in London’s jazz scene, this intimate Camden venue fosters a sense of community and raw talent. From established acts to up-and-coming artists, every night promises a unique musical journey and an electrifying atmosphere.

For the Stage Enthusiasts:

  • Shakespeare’s Globe: Immerse yourself in the Bard’s timeless works under the open sky at this reconstructed Elizabethan playhouse. Experience the power of words and theatre in their purest form, surrounded by fellow audience members transported to another era.
  • National Theatre: Home to some of the most acclaimed productions in the UK, the National Theatre guarantees a theatrical feast. Explore thought-provoking contemporary plays, witness classics reimagined, or discover international gems, all delivered by world-class actors.
  • The Old Vic: Steeped in theatrical history, The Old Vic continues to push boundaries with bold and innovative productions. Catch groundbreaking premieres, rediscover beloved plays in fresh interpretations, and be inspired by the raw talent nurtured on this illustrious stage.

For the Laughter Seekers:

  • Soho Theatre: In the heart of London’s comedy scene, the Soho Theatre showcases rising stars and established stand-up comedians. Immerse yourself in intimate settings, experience diverse comedic styles, and prepare for side-splitting laughter that will leave your cheeks aching.
  • The Comedy Store: Laughs are guaranteed at this iconic Leicester Square club, a breeding ground for comedic talent. From established acts to open mic nights, there’s always something to tickle your funny bone, whether you prefer observational humor, witty wordplay, or physical antics.
  • The Second City: This renowned improv comedy theatre invites you to be part of the show! Witness hilarious unscripted performances, marvel at the quick wit and comedic timing of the actors, and experience the joy of spontaneous laughter shared with the entire audience.

For the Dazzling Night Out:

  • Proud City: Step into a world of glamour and extravagance at Proud City. This stunning Edwardian venue boasts award-winning cabaret shows with dazzling costumes, live music, burlesque performances, and captivating atmosphere. Enjoy delicious food, exquisite cocktails, and an unforgettable night of entertainment that will tantalize all your senses.

Bonus Tips:

  • Check listings regularly: Venues constantly update their schedules with exciting new shows.
  • Consider alternative options: Explore smaller, independent venues for unique experiences and hidden gems.
  • Think outside the box: From spoken word poetry nights to live music bars, London offers diverse live entertainment beyond the mainstream.
  • Grab a bite beforehand: Many venues have restaurants or bars on-site, making it a complete evening out.
  • Dress for the occasion: While comfort is key, some venues have dress codes, so check it out beforehand.

With this guide as your starting point, dive headfirst into London’s vibrant live entertainment scene and discover experiences that will stay with you long after the curtain falls.


Proud City

Modern Elegance: Proud Cabaret’s Role in Shaping Contemporary Burlesque

Welcome to the enchanting world of Proud Cabaret, where the allure of velvet and the sheen of chrome converge in a dance of modern elegance and classic burlesque. This is not merely a venue; it’s a cultural phenomenon, a trendsetter in the realm of contemporary burlesque. Here, we find an intricate blend of tradition and innovation, a stage where feathers flutter with fierce confidence. Proud Cabaret isn’t just about performances; it’s a visionary force shaping the very essence of modern burlesque. As we delve into this world, let’s explore the Proud Cabaret Shows, immerse in Modern Burlesque, and experience the Exclusive Cabaret Experience.

Proud Cabaret: A Legacy of Modern Elegance

History and Transformation

The journey of Proud Cabaret mirrors the dynamic evolution of burlesque itself. From its historical roots in theatrical satire and performance, burlesque has always been a fluid art form, continually evolving with societal shifts. Proud Cabaret embraces this legacy, redefining burlesque for the modern age while paying homage to its rich history.

Ambiance: Where Past Meets Present

Upon entering Proud Cabaret, guests are greeted by an ambiance that seamlessly blends historical opulence with contemporary sophistication. The venue is a visual symphony of luxurious velvet juxtaposed with sleek chrome accents, creating an atmosphere that resonates with the energy of both past and present. This setting is the perfect backdrop for booking tickets for Proud Cabaret shows, offering an intimate experience filled with electrifying performances.

Performers: Pioneers of Modern Burlesque

The heart of Proud Cabaret lies in its performers, who are at the forefront of modern burlesque. These artists push the boundaries of traditional burlesque, infusing it with innovation and artistry. Their performances are a testament to the venue’s reputation for hosting some of the best cabaret performances, where each act is a celebration of creativity and empowerment.

Evolution of Burlesque at Proud Cabaret

Breaking Stereotypes: Embracing Inclusivity

Proud Cabaret is a beacon for diversity and body positivity, challenging the conventional stereotypes of burlesque. The venue celebrates performers from all walks of life, fostering an environment of inclusivity and empowerment. This philosophy is integral to the essence of modern burlesque, where every performance is a bold statement of self-expression.

Theatrical Storytelling: More Than a Tease

At Proud Cabaret, the burlesque experience goes beyond the realm of striptease. The performances are intricate narratives, weaving themes and stories that captivate the audience. Booking a burlesque dinner and show tickets at Proud Cabaret means immersing oneself in a world where storytelling and performance art converge.

Artistic Collaborations: Creating a Tapestry of Experiences

Proud Cabaret’s commitment to artistic collaboration has led to a rich tapestry of immersive experiences. Partnerships with musicians, designers, and visual artists have elevated the shows, creating a multidimensional spectacle that is a hallmark of modern burlesque nights.

Experience the Magic: Booking Your Night at Proud Cabaret

Exclusive Offerings: Personalized Experiences

Proud Cabaret goes beyond the traditional to offer VIP packages, dinner and show combinations, and special events, ensuring a personalized experience for every guest. From the moment you consider buying burlesque tickets online to the final curtain call, the experience is tailored to exceed expectations.

Ticket Options: A Seamless Experience

The process of securing your spot at Proud Cabaret is designed to be as smooth and enjoyable as the show itself. The online booking system is user-friendly, ensuring a hassle-free experience from browsing to purchasing Proud Cabaret event tickets.

Special Promotions: Adding Value to the Experience

Proud Cabaret frequently offers special promotions and seasonal deals, enhancing the excitement of attending a show. These promotions are an excellent opportunity for guests to experience the exclusive cabaret experience at an exceptional value.


Proud Cabaret’s impact on the contemporary burlesque scene is undeniable. It has crafted a unique blend of elegance, artistic expression, and theatrical innovation, setting a new standard in the world of cabaret. To truly understand this impact, one must experience Proud Cabaret firsthand. So why wait? Embark on this captivating journey and become part of the ever-evolving story of modern burlesque.


Proud City

1920s Speakeasy Revived: Culinary Delights and Cocktails at Proud City

Step back in time with me to the roaring 1920s, right in the heart of London, where Proud City, our beloved speakeasy-themed venue, revives the exuberant spirit of a bygone era. Situated at 1 Mark Lane, near the convenient Fenchurch Street Station, this gem is not just a venue; it’s a time capsule that transports you to an age of glamour and indulgence.

A Taste of the Roaring Twenties

At Proud City, we’re not just about the entertainment; we’re about creating a holistic 1920s-esque experience. Whether you’re popping in for brunch in the city or seeking a more exotic dining affair, we’ve got a culinary experience that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds.

The Speakeasy Bar Experience

Our bar staff and mixologists are true artists, wielding an impressive selection of spirits, wines, and bubbles. Each cocktail crafted at our bar is not just a drink; it’s a tribute to the sophistication of a time gone by. So, whether you’re looking to remember a fantastic night out or perhaps forget the mundane, our cocktails promise an experience that’s both.

Culinary Delights

Elevating the dining experience, our menu is a nod to 1920s cuisine, offering both classic and innovative dishes. When you reserve a speakeasy dining experience at Proud City, you’re not just booking a table; you’re securing a culinary journey through time.

The Proud City Shows

Our venue, boasting a 200+ capacity across two beautifully themed rooms, is the perfect backdrop for our eclectic mix of shows. Currently, we’re thrilled to present four spectacular events:

Kabaret Exposé at Proud City: A show that brings the allure and mystery of Cabaret to life.

Secret Burlesque Society at Proud City: Step into a world where burlesque artistry meets contemporary glamour.

Broadway Burlesque Brunch at Proud City: Combine your love for Broadway with the thrill of burlesque in this unique brunch experience.

Kabaret Dragaoke Brunch at Proud City: A brunch that’s as much about the dazzling drag performances as it is about the food.

Each show is a unique interpretation of the speakeasy theme, promising an unforgettable experience.

Book Your Experience

Looking to experience an evening like never before? Whether it’s to reserve a table for a speakeasy-style dining experience, book a themed restaurant in London, or simply immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of a historical era, Proud City is your go-to destination.

Visit our website to secure your dinner & show reservations, experience cuisine at Proud City, or indulge in one of our many shows. It’s more than just a night out; it’s a journey into the heart of London, where every moment is steeped in history and luxury. Come, join us at Proud City, and let’s relive the roaring twenties in style!