Drag Brunches at Proud Cabaret Brighton: Where Every Bite Tells a Story (and Maybe Wins You Drag Queen Royalty Status)

Alright lovelies, listen up! Summer is just around the corner, and you know what that means – sunshine, sandals, and a whole lotta fabulousness. Brighton Beach beckons with its salty breezes and sparkling seas, but what if we told you there was a way to level up your Brighton summer and experience something truly unforgettable? Well, darlings, get ready to sashay away with us to Proud Cabaret Brighton, because our Drag Brunches are about to be the hottest ticket in town (and yes, that’s coming from a venue that’s practically dripping in glitter).

Beyond the Rainbow: Proud Cabaret, Your Year-Round Pride Celebration

Now, Brighton is no stranger to LGBTQ+ celebrations. This summer, the city will be a kaleidoscope of colour as Pride takes centre stage. But what if you want a taste of that vibrancy all year round, with a healthy dose of delicious food, killer tunes, and enough sass to make your lipstick quiver? That’s where Proud Cabaret Brighton swoops in, like a sequin-clad superhero ready to whisk you away to a land of laughter, lip-syncing, and memories that’ll last a lifetime.

A Drag Legacy: Over a Decade of Fierce Entertainment

We’ve been Brighton’s go-to spot for drag for over a decade, so you know we’re the real deal. Proud City might be our sister venue, but we like to think of ourselves as the wild child, the one with the glitter beard and the penchant for outrageous costumes. Our Drag Brunches are the perfect storm of culinary delights, jaw-dropping performances, and an atmosphere that’s so electric, you’ll be tempted to trade your mimosa for a microphone (don’t worry, we have those too!).

Drag Queens Who Slay: Performances That Will Leave You Speechless

But let’s spill the tea on what exactly makes our Drag Brunches so darn special. First off, it’s not your average bingo-and-bad-wig kind of affair. We’re talking next-level entertainment, honey. Our resident drag queens are the fiercest, funniest bunch you’ll ever meet. They’ll have you in stitches with their witty repartee, flawless performances, and enough sass to put RuPaul himself to shame.

Think Dazzling Costumes and Killer Vocals: A Feast for the Senses

Think dazzling costumes that would make Liberace weep tears of joy, powerhouse vocals that would rival Beyoncé, and dance moves that’ll have you questioning your own two left feet. These queens are storytellers, weaving a narrative of laughter, music, and pure, unadulterated fun through every brunch.

A Culinary Adventure: Food So Good, It Deserves a Standing Ovation

And speaking of stories, let’s not forget the food! We’re not just about showmanship, darling. Our culinary team whips up a gourmet brunch spread that’s as delicious as it is Instagram-worthy. Think fluffy pancakes drizzled with maple syrup, sizzling sausages that would make a butcher weep, and eggs cooked to absolute perfection. It’s the kind of food that fuels your inner diva and prepares you to belt out those karaoke classics like there’s no tomorrow.

Unleash Your Inner Rockstar: Karaoke with a Twist

Speaking of karaoke, that’s another perk that sets our Drag Brunches apart. Because let’s face it, what’s a good brunch without a little friendly competition (and maybe a slight chance of public humiliation)? Unleash your inner superstar and belt out your favourite tunes while our fabulous queens cheer you on. It’s karaoke with a healthy dose of glitter and encouragement, what more could you ask for?

VIP Treatment: Brunch Like Drag Queen Royalty

But wait, there’s more! Feeling fancy? We’ve got an exclusive VIP package that’ll have you feeling like drag queen royalty. Imagine bottomless prosecco (because who wants a dry brunch?), exclusive seating that puts you front and centre of all the fabulousness, and a view of the show that’s so good, you might just need sunglasses (not that our queens need any help shining, mind you).

The Perfect Summer Soiree: Make Memories that Last a Lifetime

So, whether you’re a die-hard karaoke enthusiast, a musical theatre aficionado, or simply someone who appreciates a good laugh and a damn good brunch, Proud Cabaret Brighton’s Drag Brunches are the perfect summer activity. It’s a chance to celebrate…life, embrace individuality and create memories that’ll have you saying, “YAS Queen!” long after the last mimosa is drained.

Your Brighton Summer Starts Here: Book Your Drag Brunch Today!

So round up your brunch buddies, dust off your most outrageous outfit (because trust us, the competition will be fierce), and get ready for an experience that’s more than just a meal – it’s a cultural brunch event, a storytelling cuisine extravaganza, and a drag performance unlike any other in Brighton.

Unique Dining Experiences and LGBTQ+ Entertainment Under One Roof

Make your reservation today, because these Drag Brunches are guaranteed to sell out faster than you can say “Shante!”  We can’t wait to see you there and show you why Proud Cabaret Brighton is the ultimate destination for unique dining experiences, unforgettable entertainment, and a celebration of LGBTQ+ culture all summer long.

Looking for More Drag Queen Fabulousness? Explore Proud City!

While Proud Cabaret Brighton is all about the wild side of drag, don’t forget about our sister venue, Proud City. They offer a more classic cabaret experience, featuring award-winning drag artists alongside burlesque, circus acts, and top-notch DJs. It’s the perfect spot for a sophisticated night out, and who knows, you might even catch some of the same fierce queens who grace our Drag Brunches!

So whether you’re craving a side of sass with your brunch or a touch of elegance with your evening entertainment, Proud Cabaret has you covered. We look forward to welcoming you to Brighton and making your summer sparkle!