Secret Burlesque Society Brunch at Proud City

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Show Doors: 11:30 – 15:30 PM
Peek through the keyhole and enter the clandestine world of glamour and allure, where the spotlight reveals only a fraction of the mysteries concealed within Proud Cabaret’s spectacular production of ‘Secret Burlesque Society’, Brunch edition – a spellbinding soireé that transcends time, fusing vintage charm with modern seduction.
Prepare to be enthralled as the curtain rises, unveiling a mesmerising realm where elegance meets provocativeness. Our performers, adorned in lavish costumes that harken back to a golden era, weave tales of tease, humour, and unbridled sensuality. Each act is a masterpiece, a carefully choreographed dance that unfolds like a sultry story, bound to leave you yearning for more.
The sparkling artists and the bump and grind music are the heartbeat of the “Secret Burlesque Society,” resonating through the room and setting the stage for an unforgettable journey into the world of classic burlesque. Immerse yourself in an opulent setting where every detail speaks of decadence and desire. Sip on meticulously crafted cocktails that embody the spirit of a bygone era while the air is charged with an intoxicating energy that lingers long after the final bow.
This isn’t just any old brunch; it’s an invitation to join an exclusive society where secrets are celebrated, and the art of burlesque is elevated to new heights. Revel in an evening of mystique, laughter, and unapologetic sensuality at the “Secret Burlesque Society” – where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and the forbidden becomes unforgettable.
Uncover the allure. Embrace the mystique. Become a part of the Secret Burlesque Society – where the magic happens behind closed curtains, and every performance is a secret you’ll want to share.


  • Standard: Brunch & Show Package includes a delicious 2-course brunch and 1-hour bottomless cocktails
  • VIP: Brunch & Show Package includes a delicious 2-course brunch and 1-hour bottomless Prosecco and an option for a meet & greet after the show
  • Show Only: Entry to the show and restricted-view seating
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Sat 6 Apr 2024 11:30 am £20.00, £30.00, £39.00, £49.00, £59.00, £69.00, £79.00, £89.00, £99.00 Sold Out


*Terms: Price Includes VAT. Excludes a 15% mandatory service charge + A £2 per head cover charge. No Shows: We charge a £60 per person no-show fee, this is due to the increasing number of no-shows the food and entertainment industry is experiencing at a scary rate of 20%. No money will be taken unless you or anyone in your party fail to turn up for your booking without notifying us. Full terms can be found HERE.


Our shows contain bright, flashing lights that may not be safe for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

We cannot guarantee a nut-free kitchen. If you have any specific allergies, please contact us before arriving.

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