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What if we said you could play Musical bingo at the seaside, be wildly entertained by the world’s funniest Drag Queens and vibe out to your all-time favourite tracks all in the same evening? Now That’s What I Call Bingo! We’re bringing the booze, banter, banging tunes and bingo tenfold at our aptly named event, Now That’s What I Call Bingo, every Friday night at Proud Brighton.

Who said Bingo was a Cup of Tea and 2 Fat Ladies? Not us! Say goodbye to tired, traditional Bingo and hello to Musical Bingo. Fancy throwing some shapes to nostalgic bops? Or discovering some killer tracks from decades past? Proud Brighton are here to answer your musical cravings with a musical bingo setlist comprising the top hits from the 80’s 90’s and 00’s. And how could we forget? We’ve enlisted the help of our favourite Drag Queens to head up our brand-spanking new fixture. Enjoy head-banging tunes, free-flowing drinks and gourmet food as our favourite Queens host a game of musical bingo with so much sass and hilarity, it’d leave Queen Ru Paul wiping away tears of joy.

Expect nothing less from our hysterical Queens – they’re gregarious, sometimes scandalous – and always hilarious. Indulge in our mouth-watering 3-course fine dining experience – but try not to choke on your delicious food mid cackle listening to our Queen’s jaw-splitting banter. Eat, play, and belly laugh beyond belief as our fantastic Queens host a Dragi-fied musical Bingo and create a wildly entertaining Friday night at the seaside you’ll never forget.

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Please note due to seasonality, our menu’s change on a regular basis.

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Our shows contain bright, flashing lights that may not be safe for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

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