Fri 16 Dec 2022


Brighton is a city nestled on the South East coastline. Located an hour’s train ride from London, Brighton is widely considered as one of the UK’s coolest places. Fun fact: Brighton hosted the 1974 Eurovision which saw a little-known band called ABBA win and become skyrocketed to worldwide fame! Another fun fact: its bohemian vibe has attracted many artists over the years, the likes of Paul McCartney, Fat Boy Slim and Noel Gallagher all lived in Brighton at one point. But enough fun facts. Let us paint you a Brighton word picture.

The picturesque pavilion, the winding, cobbled streets, the abundance of rooftop cafes and quaint little vintage shops. And its pièce de résistance: gorgeous stony beaches set to a backdrop of cliffs where rainbow-coloured homes dot the idyllic coastline. Gorgeous right?

So we’ve established that Brighton is as cool as it is pretty. But is Brighton good for a night out too? Fortunately for you, Brighton isn’t good for a night out. It’s great for a night out. Look: a city that’s world-famous for its annual Pride parade is bound to have a great nightlife scene too. And being a University town its naturally buzzing. Not to mention its home to The Great Escape, an annual music festival that celebrates up-and-coming artists across the UK.

So couple all this with its eclectic mix of bars and restaurants and it’s no wonder that Brighton is a popular destination for a UK night out. Don’t believe us? We’re here to give you the 4-1-1 on why you should try a Brighton night out. Considering a night out in Brighton? By the end of this blog we’ll have you convinced.


To start with, Brighton’s got a great atmosphere. The city is full of life, pulsating with energy. Getting lost whilst strolling through the iconic Brighton Lanes makes you feel like you’re in a movie (cue swelling cinematic soundtrack). An afternoon picnic by King George’s Pavilion and you’ll feel transported back in time.

Watching the beautiful sun-set on the famed pebbled beach is the definition of la dolce vita. We’re not fibbing when we say simply walking around Brighton makes you feel some type of way. Vibes don’t lie, after all.


So we know Brighton brings the vibes. But what about its nightlife scene? Eclectic to say the least. Whether you’re fancying a cosy pub, a boujee bar, a romantic date or an all night dance-session at a buzzing club, Brighton’s nightlife has something to please everyone. Take The Walrus for example, a 3 storey pub designed as a Victorian haunted house and covered with spooky antiquities. Or Ink, the ex-tattoo studio turned quirky basement bar that serves cocktails so delicious they’ll go down like water. Or Plateau, a luxurious wine bar by The Pavilion that’s ideal for a date night.

But wait. How could we possibly chat about nights out in Brighton without mentioning Proud Cabaret Brighton? Brighton’s instalment of Proud is the newest addition to our family. And boy does it bring it in terms of a night out. Located in cool Kemptown, the little gem has quickly made a lot of noise in the city and has swiftly become a contender for the best night out in Brighton. “Why is that?” you ask? We’ll clue you in. Proud Brighton brings something different to the table by offering a raunchy cabaret extravaganza every week.

Fancy some delicious food whilst you watch one of our raucous, banter-filled shows? How about an afternoon of bottomless brunching whilst you laugh your socks off with our favourite Drag Queens? Or catching some of the world’s biggest burlesque and cabaret stars at our dazzling “Cabaret All Stars” show? Pardon the pun, but Proud takes great Pride in our Brighton venue.

Look, we may be a little biassed. But we can’t help it if Proud Cabaret happens to be one of the best places for a night out in Brighton. It just is. But don’t just take our word for it, check out our “What’s On” page on our website to book a night out in Brighton for yourself. You’ll thank us later.


It’s no secret that Brighton has a reputation for being home to some of the UK’s friendliest and welcoming people. Crazy what an extra bit of sun does to people, right?! Not to mention it’s wonderfully multi-cultural. Brighton pays homage to its diverse population by offering an array of international eateries. Sample some North African cuisine at A Taste of Sahara. Or try Lazy Fin, a lovely little Mexican joint. And with its huge selection of vegan restaurants, Brighton is one of the best places to live if you’re a plant-based honey. Check out The Roundhill or Smorl’s Kitchen, for example. You won’t be disappointed. Like we said, its welcoming population means you’re bound to meet some interesting folks on your Brighton night out. Whether you’re looking to strike up a quick conversation at the bar, or an all-night dance partner, you’ll find someone to keep you company in Brighton.


If you’ve been paying attention, you know it’s been established that Brighton is great for a night out. And the icing on the cake? Brighton is an affordable night out, too. The average pint is priced at £4.50 compared to London’s almost silly £5.99. Trust us – that £1.49 makes a world of difference on your night out. Tourists can also grab an Air B’n’B starting at just £70 a night. Not a bad price for a husting, bustling city, hey? Speaking of value for money, Proud Cabaret Brighton throws in a show, a delicious 3 course meal and drinks for just £70 each. Three amazing night-out experiences for the price of one? You can count us in! We’ll meet you there.

Variety. Budget-friendly. Beautiful multiculturalism. Top-notch vibes. It’s undeniable that all these things combined make Brighton an excellent destination for a night out in the UK. So if you’re looking for a great night out, why not give Brighton a try? What are you waiting for? Book your night out in Brighton now. You’ll thank us later.


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