Wed 15 Nov 2023


As the bitter chill of winter sweeps across the city, there’s a place where warmth and vivacity await. The whimsical world of cabaret beckons, promising a refuge where the glamour of yesteryears meets the thrill of the present. And there’s no better spot to delve into this enchanting realm than at the distinguished Proud Cabaret.


With the holiday season in full swing, the call of the captivating cabaret shows in December is impossible to resist. The allure of the velvet curtains, the glittering costumes, and the magic that unfolds on stage is a tradition that turns the cold winter nights into evenings of wonder and exhilaration. And this year, Proud Cabaret goes above and beyond to craft a December filled with spectacle and awe.

The festivities take a grand leap with the Cabaret All Stars Christmas Special at Proud Brighton. This special soirée is a blend of the classic and the contemporary, ensuring your winter night entertainment is nothing short of extraordinary.Discover the allure of Proud Brighton and make your December nights sparkle with the best cabaret performances this winter.



As the lights dim, the anticipation in Proud Embankment bubbles with excitement. Here, the Cabaret All Stars Christmas Special unveils a realm where every act is a narrative, every costume a character.Step into a world of wonder at Proud Embankment and let the live cabaret performances transport you into a December tale filled with marvel and delight.

But the magic doesn’t end here. The glamour of cabaret finds its way into the daylight with the Christmas Lunch at Proud Embankment. A feast for the senses, this special event is not merely a meal, but an expedition into the heart of cabaret.Experience a grandiose afternoon where every bite is a melody, every sip a dance.


Amidst the myriad of December cabaret events, the name Proud Cabaret shines with a special glow. With its legacy of extravagance, each venue is a voyage into the heart of cabaret. The ambiance echoes with laughter and applause as the cabaret theatres in December become the realms where memories are woven with threads of music, humour, and allure.

The narrative of cabaret is not merely viewed but lived. At Proud, the story unfolds around you, making you a part of the grand tapestry. And as the narrative of the night swirls, it’s easy to find oneself searching for cabaret shows near me on a loop, eager to relive the magic, time and again.


Whether it’s the contemporary finesse of the Cabaret at Proud or the nostalgic allure of Burlesque Shows At Proud, each note, each movement on stage is a brushstroke on the vast canvas of cabaret. The venues, with their opulent décor and rich history, are more than just stages; they are the gateways into a world where the charm of cabaret reigns supreme.

As the cold December night wraps around the city, inside the warm, lively halls of Proud Cabaret, the adventure unfolds. The music, the laughter, the cheers echo into the winter night, leaving a trail of memories etched in melody and mirth.

The tale of cabaret is ageless, bound only by the stretch of imagination. And as the winter winds howl, the doors of Proud Cabaret open into a realm where the celebration of life, love, and laughter dances away the winter chill, one splendid act at a time. So, let the cabaret’s magic fill your December nights with stories, making them the warmest, the merriest, and the most unforgettable.

Explore the enchanting world of cabaret this December and let the winter nights resonate with the rhythm of life and laughter.


Step into the clandestine world of London’s most cherished cabaret and secret society, where whispers reign supreme and secrets are sacred. Welcome to the enchanting realm of the “Secret Cabaret Society,” a hidden gem nestled deep within the vibrant heart of the city.