Fri 02 Jun 2023


Imagine stepping into the dazzling world of London nightlife, and you find yourself looking for a new and exciting experience. You’ve heard whispers of an amazing night out that combines cabaret entertainment with the most dazzling performance art: a drag show. And not just any drag shows. Proud has a spectacular array of strut-worthy, glammed-up, music-pumping live shows. So get ready to immerse yourself in the world of fabulous makeup &  costumes, heart-pumping music and dancing, and most importantly, terrific food (and drink). This might just change your life. Enter: drag shows.


As you approach one of ourhilarious drag shows, you’ll notice the electric energy in the air. From the moment you enter alavish Proud Cabaret venue, you’ll be transported to an era of glamour and luxury where partying in style is the only option.



Once inside, the captivating atmosphere of our cabaret entertainment venues will surround you. The dimly lit room, adorned with opulent decorations, sets the stage for a night of unforgettable performance art. At Proud, we like to treat our venues with care, attention and glam. Luxury and decadence, fun, and adrenaline. Each of the spectacular venues has its own unique character ready to impress and leave you in awe of what Brighton and London’s nightlife has to offer.


The true magic of a drag show lies in its ability to transcend the boundaries of traditional entertainment. Drawing from burlesque influences and drag culture history, the performers offer a mesmerising blend of music and dancing, comedy, and personal expression. Everyone one of our amazing artists is world-class. Honing their craft, perfecting their strut, harmonising any vocal, quick-removal of pants… they’ve nailed it all and we can’t wait for you to experience it.

For example, at our Broadway Drag Brunch at Proud Embankment, you’ll witness a West End musical-themed drag show, featuring all the singalong hits from huge West End numbers. Similarly, at Now That’s What I Call Drag at Proud City or Brighton, you can expect a sort of “musical bingo” featuring lip-syncing, challenges, and side-splitting fun all night.

What we love is how welcome and comfortable our drag shows make people feel. By its nature, inclusivity must be part of our culture, so expect to see people of all shapes, sizes, cultures and backgrounds! We love it. Every act offers something different, ensuring that there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether it’s a high-energy dance-off, a jaw-dropping acrobatics stunt, or a heartfelt ballad, each performance is bound to create at the very least a few gasps.. for better or worse!


You can’t run a drag show without simply outrageous makeup and costumes. With each performer’s unique style, it’s almost like walking pieces of art among a venue, with the glitz and glitter, colour and materials not leaving much for the imagination. The glittering jewels, dramatic makeup, and extravagant outfits are all part of the experience, adding to the electric atmosphere and making the night truly unforgettable.


You can’t really have a London nightlife experience without a night of music and dancing. Our drag shows feature an eclectic mix of songs and styles that will have you dancing in your seat, if not joining in the fun on the dance floor. From classic hits to modern pop anthems, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. At the Broadway Drag Brunch, you can expect all the singalong hits from huge West End numbers, while Now That’s What I Call Drag will have you laughing and dancing to “musical bingo.”


A night at a London drag show is a nightlife experience that you’ll never forget. As you revel in the magical mix of cabaret entertainment, performance art, and a buzzing atmosphere of inclusivity, you’ll be swept away into a world brimming with creativity and self-expression. It’s a place where fun and excitement take centre stage, allowing you to truly let your hair down (enjoy a drink or two) and enjoy the ride! From the moment you enter the Proud Cabaret venue to the last note of music, your first drag show will be a night to remember.

So, if you’re ready to dive into the extraordinary world of drag and experience a night of unforgettable cabaret entertainment, come join us at Proud Cabaret. Whether it’s the Broadway Drag Brunch at Proud Embankment, or Now That’s What I Call Drag at Proud City or Brighton, we have various shows tailored to your tastes. We can’t wait to share this amazing aspect of London’s nightlife with you.

Ali Woods presents Cabaret All-Stars at Proud Cabaret London

Come and see special guest Ali Woods hosting for ONE NIGHT ONLY at Proud Cabaret London!