Thu 09 Apr 2020



We may have been forced to close our venues for the safety and wellbeing of both our staff and customers but we weren’t going to let that stop us from having fun, being a little crazy and taking a moment to escape from all the Coronavirus talk.

Proud Kitchen Cabaret is here to showcase your best little party trick, that thing to makes people life, smile and cheer when you’re with friends or family and pull it out the bag.

So far we’ve had dozens of our friends share their party tricks on Instagram with the hashtag #proudkitchencabaret.

Here are some shots of our favourites with links to each of their full videos. Do you have a party trick? We’d love to see yours too…


With a stunning rendition of Over The Rainbow Victoria shows off some true talent. Watch her full #ProudKitchenCabaret here


Belle Canto shows us how it’s done with a stunning #ProudKitchenCabaret performance which you can watch in all its glory here


Proud CEO and founder Alex get in on the act with his #ProudKitchenCabaret, although we won’t share too many photos below, you’ll need to click here to see what he had in store for us all.


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