Proud COVID-19 Measures


  • Contactless ordering and pre-ordering
  • Our vast, spacious venue offers maximum distance between tables and diners
  • F8 class air filter systems cleans the air to N95/FTTP3 standards.
  • Separate private booths available
  • Contactless hand sanitiser available on arrival, in toilets and around venue
  • Cashless payments by app or card
  • Staff temperature monitoring
  • Single Use Menus and disposable napkins
  • All Staff test daily
  • Heat treated glasses and tableware
  • Sealed cloakroom boxes for your personal items
  • Extra toilet facilities, to decrease interaction
  • On arrival we have stewards monitoring entrance and inside the venue we have
  • Stewards monitoring toilets to prevent crowding.

Covid-19 Guidelines & Measures at Proud

We have put in place comprehensive, industry standard measures across all our venues. For your safety, please read the information below and if you have any  uestions please do not hesitate to contact one of our sales team prior to your visit.

Guidance for Our Guests

On Arrival:

  • Our Staff will be trained in social distancing on entry and in the venue
  • Guests will be called from the head of the queue and asked to have their booking info ready so that they can quickly enter and be directed to their allocated table. Guests will be instructed by the host at entrance where to go for the cloakroom.
  • A host will be present in the entrance foyer to direct guests which doors to use for entrance to the venue in order to reach their table directly. We ask that you follow all host directions and adhere to any signage in venue and guidance from our service team, in order to help us maintain appropriate social distancing and to keep you and other guests safe.

On Exit:

  • Please be ready to make payment within 15 minutes of the end of the show
  • We ask you kindly to help our staff keep all our guests safe by exiting promptly and allowing us to clean the venue thoroughly.
  • On exit, guests will be directed to the ground floor fire exit to the left of the grand staircase if you are facing the entrance. All guests will be asked to make their way swiftly out of the front doors.
  • Tables may be asked to leave at different times, and if necessary this will be coordinated by floor leaders who will ensure a socially distanced and safe dispersal.


  • Please respect signage in all restrooms that highlight the importance of hand washing. Please ensure you have washed your hands before leaving the restroom and returning to your table.
  • We ask guests to please not use facilities marked for staff or performers nor to enter doors marked for staff entry only.

General Areas:

  • The outside Smoking area will be restricted to no more than 5 persons at any one time – to be monitored by security guards and the host present in the entrance foyer no one person should remain more than 5 minutes to allow all guests access during a break period.
  • On site Cloakrooms will employ sealed plastic boxes for guests items to be stored safely, these storage boxes will be disinfected between guest usage.

For your Safety

Our Performers:

  • Our Performers will have their temperatures taken alongside our staff on arrival at the venue.
  • Performers will have separate toilet and dressing facilities to guests.
  • Performer areas will have high grade air filters, wall mounted tissues, and contactless sanitiser dispensers.
  • Performer Rooms are stripped and sanitised every night and no personal items can be left on site.

Our Staff:

  • Our staff will be working in set teams to minimise inter-staff contact from one shift to the next
  • Start times will be staggered in accordance with shift requirements to reduce the number of arrivals
  • within a short space of time.
  • Before admission to the venue, all staff temperatures will be taken and logged by remote thermometer
  • Staff areas will have high grade air filters and contactless sanitiser dispensers.
  • All Staff areas will be stripped and sanitised nightly and no personal items can be left on site.

Health and Safety Throughout the Venue:

  • Our guards will wear gloves & masks if government guidance advises us to provide these measures.
  • Throughout the venue there will be prominent wall mounted tissue boxes and receptacles for their disposal will be highlighted. Bins will have contactless / no touch systems.
  • All tablecloths & napkins used for guest tables are cleaned each night
  • All menus are cleaned daily
  • All our chemical cleaning products are verified to be effective against SARS CoV-2 pathogens, and our staff will be briefed to inform guests who ask about their concentration, application and effectiveness.
  • In house air filters will be on continuously and maintained according to manufacturers guidelines
  • Staff wearing face masks will use approved filtering masks (these include: R/P95, N/R/P99, or N/R/P100 filtering facepiece respirator; an air-purifying elastomeric (e.g., half-face or full-face) respirator with appropriate filters or cartridges; powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) with high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filter; or supplied air respirator (SAR) )
  • To ensure we can keep our venue clean and prevent the spread of Covid-19 we ask guests to dispose of gum or tissues in on-site marked receptacles and not to leave these on plates or tables.
  • To minimise hygiene risks to staff and other guests, table decorations will not be permitted on site (including but not limited to balloons, confetti, straws, party tricks or other table decorations).