Thu 23 Mar 2023

What’s The Nightlife in Brighton Like in 2023?


Hello, party people! This one’s for you.

We humans are multifaceted, complex creatures. One distinct factor of the human condition is to have deep feelings. Namely, strong opinions. And this goes across both ends of the spectrum: opinions about things that we like, and contrastingly, things that we don’t like. Sure, we get that preferences differ from person to person.

But a few examples of things (lots of us) dislike? Broken hearts. Long queues. Lost baggage. Cancelled plans. The cost of living crisis. People chewing with their mouth open. Wasps. Childhood going by way too fast. The Karens. Ghastly first dates. Traffic jams (and the list goes on an on).


But conversely, there are lots and lots of things that we humans love with all our hearts. You want some examples? Sure. Case in point: family, sunsets, music festivals, food. Beach days, red wine, Christmas, long walks with friends, stargazing, Netflix, pets, tea and coffee. And another Universal thing that the vast majority of us (especially young folks) love? Going out. And not just going out. Going out out.

The desire to socialise is ingrained deep within the human psyche. After all, we are pack animals. From social gatherings in Ancient Egypt, to parties in Medieval England’s high court, to Victorian era soirées, to the modern-day partying culture, the inclination to go out hasn’t gone away. In short, we’ve got an innate desire to let our hair down – and we’ve been throwing parties since we were wondering around forests hunting and gathering in loincloths.

But where are we going with this? Well, you’ve probably guessed by now that this blog is about going out on the town. But we’re not going to be focusing on any old town. We’re going back down to the seaside. And no, we’re not talking about Marbella Beach. We’re talking about one of our favourite places in the entire world, a close second to London as the best city in the United Kingdom. Brighton!

Whether you’re a local, a tourist, or anything in between, it’s important to know where to go out in Brighton. And because the choice of bars and clubs to go to is so vast, we get that you have lots of questions about Brighton nightlife. “Can you recommend a club to go to with two floors?” “What about clubs with live entertainment?”

“Or venues with regular dj nights?” “Or any bars close to Brighton palace pier?” “How about any places with themed nights?” “I’m looking for a small venue that’s intimate and good for a date – any ideas?” “Got any tips for me and my mates to go to party into the early hours?” “Or do you know any good gay clubs?” Ah choices, choices, choices…

But relax, we can help with all this. We at Proud Cabaret are here to answer your partying prayers. We’ve done some digging and put together a list of the best clubs in Brighton so you don’t have to sit nail-biting through endless Google reviews.

Whether you’re looking for a raging superclub or a low-key late-night bar, we’ve got just the ticket. Got a night out in Brighton on the cards and not sure where to go? We’ve got you covered. Are you ready? Let’s get into it!


We’re kicking things off with a B-town old reliable and a top pick for Brighton locals – Patterns. Patterns is on the Marine Parade and is a staple in the Brighton nightlife scene, for good reason. It’s got banging live music and regularly recruits an eclectic mix of top DJ’s and musicians to entertain partyers.

Although it’s known for buzzing tech-house nights, it plays all sorts of music genres. Plus its world-class sound system ensures it’s always buzzing with partygoers. And they do a mean bottomless brunch, too!


Looking for a late night hot spot? Then head on over to Chalk. Situated opposite the iconic Brighton pier, Chalk is a multipurpose live music venue on Pool Valley. And for all you night owls, it’s open till the early hours.

The live music venue throws special events like Fat Poppadaddy’s, Let’s Kill Disco and Secret Discotheque and plays an eclectic mix of electronic music. It also puts on wicked gigs and live music regularly, so make sure to check it out if you some live tunes!


Yes, we are doing a cheeky plug of our own venue. But you know what they say – if you don’t believe in yourself, no one will. Our cheeky little sister venue Proud Cabaret Brighton is found in Kemptown, Brighton’s coolest neighbourhood and self-described “gay village”. But let us paint you a word picture.

Converted from an old ballroom, we elevated the venue’s layout whilst still keeping its architectural curiosities like the gorgeous domed ceiling. Now, the venue boasts comfy corner banquettes, VIP booths, two floors, and tables surrounding the stage – AKA – where the magic happens.

And we’re not bias when we say it’s one of the most unique venues in town. It’s just the truth. Proud Cabaret Brighton puts on everything from cabarets, to drag brunches, to some good old fashioned bingo with a musical twist.

Our venue is home to an ensemble cast of the country’s (scratch that, the world’s) most talented circus performers, burlesque artists, Drag Queens and cabaret stars. Week after week, our phenomenal cast deliver jaw-dropping performances that’ll have you laughing till your jaw aches, clapping until your hands hurt and dancing until you can’t anymore.

Some of our current shows include the show-stopping Cabaret All Stars and the outrageously funny Now That’s What I Call Bingo that’s headed up by the UK’s hottest Drag Queens. Curious to find out more? Take a look at what’s on at Proud Brighton here. Whatever show you choose, you won’t find a fun night out in Brighton like Proud Cabaret.

Oh, and the beautiful venue is also available for exclusive private hire, too! From weddings, to award ceremonies, to fashion shows, we host bespoke private events with food and drinks packages specifically tailored to your vision and budget. Want some more information about our private hire options? Take a look at our website.


Calling all 90’s babies (and everyone else). Do you like 90’s music? Silly question. Basically, you’re going to love Volks. Situated on Madeira Drive, Volks is a night club close to the city centre and is just a 10 minute walk away from the famous Brighton dome.

One step inside this awesome venue and you’re right back in 1999 – with the bopping tunes to match. From hip hop, to reggae, to dubstep, you’ll find a wicked mix of tuneage down in their basement den – which is always popping off.


Next we’ve got a student favourite – Walkabout Brighton. And with it’s cool outside space, propensity for cheap drinks, and screenings of the biggest sporting events week after week, it’s no wonder it’s a fond favourite amongst Uni students.

It’s within walking distance to the beach and it’s known in B-town for spinning house music records until the late hours of the night. A great selection of cheap drinks and great music? Sounds like a win-win to us!


Who could chat about Brighton night life without shouting out Club Revenge? Just a 3 minute walk away from the iconic seafront, Club Revenge Brighton is a gay nightclub and is one of the hottest joints in B-town. And although its an LGBTQ joint, it’s welcoming to absolutely everybody.

Club Revenge is known for its roof-raising karaoke nights, mad foam parties and live entertainment. And its wicked rooftop bar means you can gaze out onto Brighton’s seafront whilst sipping a yummy cocktail. Now doesn’t that sound lovely?!


Fancy a dance? Want to get into the party vibe? You’re in the right place! Found on Steine Street in the heart of Kemptown, Pryzm Brighton is a prime pick if you’re gagging for a Brighton superclub.

The nightclub chain is a popular venue amongst locals and tourists alike, partly for its size and partly for its tasty cocktails! Plus, its groovy décor sees multiple themed areas to add to the party fun – one being an 80’s themed space with a bright flashing dancefloor!

The resident DJs never fail to play banging tunes, and it’s not too far from Brighton beach either! So you can have a cheeky nighttime walk on the beach after you’re doing throwing shapes.


Looking for a club a bit off the beaten track? Then you should give The Green Door Store a go. The Green Door Store is the place to go in Brighton if you’re wanting to see some up-and-coming artists before they explode in popularity. AKA, a great spot for some off-piste partying.

It’s a fond spot for locals, which is always a good sign. The venue is on North Laine and is just a 5 minute drive to the famous St. James’s Street. It plays a vast array of musical genres, from electric indie to old 1950’s music. Talk about variety!


Last but certainly not least on our list is Concorde 2. Concorde 2 is a live music venue on Madeira Drive. It’s got a bit of a reputation in Brighton for throwing head-banging DJ nights with folks jigging, jiving and dancing until well past midnight. We like the sound of that!

Plus the interiors are just as cool as the venue itself. It’s got artsy wooden beams and huge stained glass windows to complement the buzzing atmosphere with cutting edge cool. Not to mention that it’s constantly bringing in new DJ’s and live musicians into its ranks. Championing new artists? We love to see it! So if you want some thumping base that shakes you from the toes up (in the best possible way) head to Concorde 2! You won’t be disappointed.


And voila! We have reached the end of our top picks for the best night clubs and bars in Brighton. If you’ve been paying attention, you’d have seen that we covered everything from the small haunts to the super clubs. So whenever you’re next thinking about a night out out in Brighton, you’ll know where to go. One last thing before we go – happy clubbing, folks!


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